CannaTech is a Big Hit

Medical Marijuana remains to be one of the largest disruptive economic forces of the next few years. Weather its the fact that it has already made or big slash or (hit) to markets already such as in Colorado where in the wake of legalization they are making money hand over first and cannot spend the tax revenues fast enough or its the fact that pharmaceutical industry is going to get a big old kick right to the taint when they realize that a lot of people are going to be able to circumvent al it of their services and will be able to make themselves feel fine with something they can grow in their backyard for basically free from paying huge amounts for synthetic drugs. Yes we can safely say that right now the cannibals market is not in its infancy very much, but is doing something it has never been able to do before and that is generate legitimate and legal money. Thus with this being the case so to does it have the ability now to attract some of the top tech talent and from outside of this market to do some thing and one thing only help them make the whole of the cannabis market run like any other supply side economic machine. 

“Having them come out and say, we’re willing to have our name in the same sentence as the word cannabis adds legitimacy of our industry said Kyle Sherman woo is a co founder and CEO of software maker Flowerhub.

There is no doubt that Stigma is a long standing problem for those whoa are trying to run a legitimate business in the cannibal industry and thanks largely to the fact hat marijuana is still federally illegal.

Lets face it there is no doubt that there is going to be much profit potential. Legal can ibis sales alone have brought in 5.4 billion dollars in 2015 and 6.7 billion expected for this year. By 2020 it is going to probably be somewhere in the range of 20 billion dollars. And this is only the beginning. This is going to rival the Dot-Com burst. 

Flowerhub has begun to offer a seed to sale tracking platform that is bringing the tech into the industry like never before. Founded in 1014 in Denver the startup will offer a mobile device for scanning RPID plant tags, a point of sale system for dispensaries and thus a cloud based software as a service platform that’s accessible wail web or ioS . Its still currently serves customers in Alaska Colorado and Oregon, and Washington, because lets face it they are the only big dogs that bark on this block so far, that there are a lot of little pootchies that are about to make the leap to big dog moves soon enough don’t you worry your pretty little heads.

Such has Sherman who has, ” our goal as a company is to legalize cannabis responsibly in North America and eventually the globe through technology, ” regulators need to see that its been to keep cannibal off the black market by making it traceable. We want to show the world this can be done responsibly.”

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