Get the Most out of Google Search

Everyone’s familiar with Google search, but not everyone knows that there’s a lot of ways to make their searching methods more effective. After all, the internet’s immense store of information is only useful so much as it can be sorted, and you have a hand in how you trigger what information is deemed important for you to see based on your question. Here are some tips on how to get to the details you want as directly and effectively as possible.

1. If you’re searching for a particular phrase, be sure to include quotation marks in your search. For example, “Here’s Johnny” or “Let them eat cake.” If you can remember most of the phrase but not all of it, put an asterisk where the missing word should be and Google will help you fill it in.

2. If you’re searching for a word with a variety of connotations, you can delete out the irrelevant results by adding a “-” and then putting all the unimportant topics that a search engine might show you. For example, if you wanted to search about red hot chili peppers but not the band, you could try typing “red hot chili peppers -music”

3. Search within a site by inputting the domain name into the service bar like so: “” If I wanted to search what CNN had to say about Bernie Sanders I could search “Bernie Sanders”

site-4. Now say you have a website that you like but you want to see if there are sites similar to that one. All you have to do is write “related” and then enter a colon and the site you like. You loved neopets but need to move on? Try “”

5. Maybe you have a very specific set of keywords and you only want to see search results that contain every single one of them in their text. simply write “allintext:” and then whichever words you need.

6. Similarly, you can use the “allintitle” function to search words that you specifically want to see in the title of any document that comes up. If you want to search some key words that can occur throughout the document and some that you want in the title, you can do that too using “intitle” ┬álike this: “jerry garcia intitle:death”.

7. Last iteration: use allinurl: for… you get it. For example “allinurl:chimmychonga”.

8. Search for news related to a particular location with “location:”, like you could search “Hillary Clinton location:Iowa”.

choco cake9. Search only for certain file types by adding “filetype:” like “filetype:mp3” or “filetype:pdf”.

10. This one really helps with shopping: search only for results with numbers between a certain range by adding two periods between the lowest and highest number. “used canoe $200..$600”.

Now you’re all grown up and ready to use the Google search engine to the best of yours and its ability. Good luck with all your searching efforts and may you find all the information that you need to fulfill your life and move on to the next step! You can do it, I bet!

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