Tech Giants Betting on NVIDIA’s

Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are all making their move to use NVIDIA’s processor’s to help power the future. NVIDIA is revered for its leading the way in the graphics processing units, or GPU’s in their business applications. Considering all the of the money and attention this is getting from this is a fair indication that this is going to take off, at the very least it is going to be a sound investment. Considering that in terms of the diversification of your portfolio and market diversification this could be a good play in 2017 and will have lasting implications for a few years after that. It seems like anywhere you turn tech companies are preparing for their next big move. 

The way Microsoft is making their move in this arena is that the Windows-maker has tapped NVIDIA’s GPU prowess for a few of their existing devices. What this means is that they are rethinking their Surface Book as well as their Tegra processor to account for this mounting trend.

The deal is likely to bring NVIDIA’s GPUs, Grid 2.0 visualized graphics platform that is present on the Azure. This is going to enable Microsoft’s cloud based services to bring professional grade graphics processing and super-computing performance to computers that currently run on the Azure cloud based services.

Essentially Microsoft is planing on expanding its role in the growing competition that exists in the cloud based computing services. If we look across the board we can see that the future is in the cloud, and that anyone who is going to make their play to remain at the top of the totem pole, you need to make cloud computing a huge part of your of business model going forward.

This being said there is also going to be a sound investment opportunity for compression based software farms. The reason being, is that we are storing everything, and at a certain point, we cannot keep to put these up with the speed that we are today. Something has got to give. At the very least if someone delivers a compelling file compression platform and can take it to market first they will position themselves to be a huge player that everyone is going to see savings in if they take advantage of them. 

When we look at Amazon in this regard they have tried to power their cloud services since at least 2013 and its pretty similar to how Microsoft is using NVIDIA’s GPU’s for Azure.

In addition Amazon AWS website said that their GPUs are ” ideally suited for graphic high performance computing applications.”

Amazon is also using the NVIDIA’s GPUs is notable in so far as it is in position to more so than anyone to rise up to the top in this emerging market. They are also investing big time in this regard to the tune of $2.5 billion from AWS in the first quarter of 2016 alone. To put this in perspective 63% year over year.

Facebook’s is unique in their investment opportunity, because they are looking for investment opportunities that are done in conjunction with other giants. This is being done as a means to buffer their liability to profit loses.

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